Ensuring yours and your customer data is secure is core to our business, processes and software. We implement many measures to ensure your security – this includes:

  • Data encryption
    Communication between the user and the platform is encrypted using SSL and only accessible with a secure username and password. We force minimum password lengths to protect you and your customers.
  • Access control
    Keep tabs who can access your data and set different levels of access rights. This means you can control what information individual staff members can view and edit – ensuring your team have access to information on a need to know basis.
  • Delete Data
    Based on the role - you can delete any data within the platform quickly and efficiently.
  • Audit tracking
    Knowing who has done what and when ensures accountability and allows you to build a detailed picture as to what individual team members are doing with your data sets.
  • Internal controls
    Our team adhere to strict processes to ensure they keep your data safe including limits on the staff members who have server and database access.
  • Back ups
    Our systems automatically back up your data to ensure you are protected should the worse happen. With real-time alerts our team are notified of any potential issues, allowing them to address them before they become a serious problem.
  • Hosting & security
    We host with ISO 27001 organisations with servers in the UK. All of our servers sit behind firewalls and are subjected to PCI compliant audits and Pen Tests to identify and address any weaknesses.
  • Types of data
    We do not store any sensitive personal information including bank and card details on our systems.

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