About the Company

Comcen has been a staple of the UK’s IT landscape for 35 years. One of the country’s leading independent IT suppliers, it is a specialist in the field of must-have technologies. It supplies Cloud, Office 360 and AV solutions, among others. The £15m IT reseller has extensive industry accreditation and close working relationships with major brands.

The Requirements

The nature of Comcen’s business means its target market is largely B2B. Its customers include other businesses and organisations in the public sector. It approached Comgem for a robust B2B ecommerce solution.

The requirements included:

  • Integration with distributors for stock availability  pricing
  • Support for customer pricing and catalogues
  • Support for multiple authorisation levels and customer reports
  • Integration with a leading IT data provider to provide a rich customer experience
  • User-friendly navigation 
  • Punch out support for procurement customers
  • A dedicated trade only ecommerce website
  • A separately branded B2C ecommerce website
  • Integration with Amazon and eBay 

Comgem's Solution

We used our Gemsuite B2B platform to meet all of Comcen’s requirements. It now has an ecommerce platform that seamlessly functions across multiple channels, including B2C and mobile commerce. Our solution has allowed Comcen to integrate its ecommerce with 20 leading distributors.

Gemsuite has improved visibility of the IT reseller’s products with an online catalogue that can be updated at any time. Automatic stock availability and pricing features have reduced admin. The responsive ecommerce platform is offering Comcen’s customers an improved ecommerce experience, regardless of the device they use.

The inclusion of B2C ecommerce has opened up an additional online revenue stream for the business.

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