PHS Group

About the Company

The PHS Group Limited is a leading workplace solution provider. It has a turnover of £300m and provides washroom, floor care and hygiene services. It is an industry leader in interior and exterior deep cleaning services. PHS also provides data solutions to scan, store and shred confidential data and documents. It provides safety services in the areas of electrical, gas and fire prevention, as well as medical testing.

Comgem has been working with PHS Group Limited since 2008. We have undertaken a range of projects – from content management solutions to customer email welcome packs.

Our most recent project is outlined below.

The Requirements

PHS Group asked us to deliver ecommerce websites that provide the ability to manage products as well as build content strategy. The solution they required needed to include:

  • Easy management of product information
  • The creation of landing pages
  • The ability to create and manage products to sell on the website
  • Flexible management of shipping options
  • Integration with a legacy payment system
  • Fully responsive design

Comgem's Solution

We were able to create a flexible, streamlined B2B ecommerce solution, delivered through our Gemsuite platform. Its fully responsive designs means it offers a consistently good user experience, regardless of the device.

It allows PHS to create and manage products, update pricing and stock. The B2B solution integrates with the Group’s legacy payment system saving the group time on tracking payments and allows the company to benefit from new landing pages.

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