Benefits of A B2B Order Management System

When it comes to sales, having a B2B order management system that increases efficiency and reduces errors is crucial. Errors account for a huge number of losses to big brands every year. Streamlining order management makes financial sense, particularly if you want to bring on and offline sales together.

Running complex order systems in tandem is out-dated and potentially dangerous. Even minor hiccups can impact pricing and customer satisfaction levels. Earlier this month a website system error saw Waitrose add a staggering 3,000 salmon fillets to a customer’s order leaving her with a bill of £4,600 - and the brand with a ton of bad press. So, making sure you invest in the right tech is pivotal if you value customer satisfaction levels.

Comgem, the brand behind the ecommerce platform Gemsuite, has developed a market-leading B2B order management system. Part of its all-in-one business solution, it flawlessly takes care of all orders, irrespective of the sales channel. Here, the company’s co-founder and Commercial Director, Dani Attard, explains the top three benefits.

1. Increased B2B customer satisfaction levels

“A good B2B order management system will increase customer satisfaction levels by speeding up the processing time and eliminating human errors,” says Dani. “Good customer feedback is an important strain of not just customer retention but also attraction, so managing orders effectively is now vital for growth. Meeting and exceeding buyers’ expectations should be part and parcel of a brand’s overall marketing strategy, and great order management should form part of the plan. Think not just in terms of customer satisfaction but social proof, because happy customers will rave about your brand and tell others.”

2. Better pricing and profitability

An automated order management system will ensure your pricing is always correct. Dani points out: “The knock-on impact is that consistently right pricing will always improve profitability. We recommend using an automated B2B order management system because it takes care of everything, including customer alerts. It saves time, reduces the likelihood of an error and looks after profit margins.”

3. Helps buyers find what they want

A B2B order management system that includes powerful search features and order pads will increase sales. Dani says this is because it reduces the time a website visitor will need to spend finding what they are looking for. A poor order management system will frustrate the average buyer - sending them elsewhere. Comgem’s order management system includes order pads which have been shown to consistently boost sales.

B2B order management system

Successful B2B ecommerce brands sell across multiple channels. They may even have multiple websites. Comgem’s B2B order management system centralises the sales order process to make it much easier to manage. You can use it from a single login and be confident of fulfilling every order to your customers’ complete satisfaction.