How Automation Can Anticipate B2B Buyer Trends

The late Hollywood actress and producer Gloria Swanson isn’t someone you would instantly link with B2B business. But the star of Sunset Boulevard knew a thing or two about anticipation. She got it from her father. “As Daddy said, life is 95 per cent anticipation,” Ms Swanson once confessed. In fact, 36 years after the Golden Globe winner’s death anticipation is a real buzzword in B2B ecommerce. That is because tech that anticipates B2B buyer trends gives businesses a huge competitive advantage.

Automation that maps buyer trends can increase sales from a variety of standpoints. It can assess market conditions, seasonal peaks and troughs, stock levels and even credit options. For the B2B business, this is invaluable. Just like Gloria Swanson had an audience, so too do online B2B businesses. And automation can bring customers from anywhere on the planet closer to the products they want, at the right time, to boost sales.

Buyer trends on the B2B world stage

All the world is a stage for B2B businesses - as Comgem, the leading developer of B2B ecommerce platforms knows. It says automation that anticipates trends is becoming a focal point of sales strategies. The company’s Commercial Director, Dani Attard, explains: “The big draw of automation is that it recognises the need to not just meet purchase requirements but the pivotal ingredient of improved buyer journeys.

“Our customers use their own data, along with real-time data from integrated suppliers and others sources to anticipate demand. They then use automated marketing, dynamic pricing and personalisation to secure purchases. B2B businesses following this route to increased sales are leading the race for growth. They have recognised that tech combined with data can anticipate what their buyers want and when.”

The future of automation and B2B ecommerce

With artificial intelligence now a growing component of B2B ecommerce, technology is what will drive future success. Dani points out: “At Comgem, we appreciate that businesses don’t want to invest in an ecommerce solution that will be quickly made redundant by technological advancements. That is why Gemsuite, our ecommerce platform specifically developed for the B2B sector, is flexible. It really can grow with a business. You can add extra features as you need them and be certain that it is delivering the very latest tech benefits.

“What we have done is create a platform that recognises around 70 per cent of buying decisions are based on the user experience. By including features that help businesses anticipate buying trends, we have made sure our solution is completely future-proof and robust.”

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