Survey Suggests AI Is The Future of B2B

Artificial intelligence was greeted with more than a touch of scepticism when the tech was first banded about. Not now. AI is the future, and the B2B sector is cottoning on. The results of a recent survey suggest a huge potential take up, particularly among B2B marketers.

According to Demandbase, which carried out the survey, as many as 66 per cent of B2B marketers are interested in implementing an AI system. An additional 18 per cent are already using artificial intelligence to reach more buyers. Of those who invest in AI, a staggering 84 per cent anticipate results within 12 months or even less.

How B2B ecommerce is benefiting from AI

Dani Attard, of Comgem, says:

“B2B brands can effectively use artificial intelligence to boost ecommerce sales. As well as improving the reach of marketing campaigns, AI can make marketing much for efficient and better targeted. It holds a lot of promise and will be especially attractive to ambitious brands.

The Commercial Director added:

“Anybody looking to seriously hone their targeting is probably also looking to invest in an intelligent ecommerce platform that does all the thinking for them. Automation was the first step to efficiency but AI takes it even further.”

B2B technology and data

B2B marketers are interested in AI because it will help them better target potential buyers. According to the survey, around 64 per cent want the technology for this reason alone. A further 46 per cent want it to capture internet ‘signals’.

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