The Top 3 B2B Website Errors Losing You Sales

If your B2B website sales have taken a tumble this year, you need to review how your platform performs from a customer’s perspective. Common errors, that can easily be resolved, could be the root of the decline. Taking action quickly can reverse the trend and put your business back on top.

In this feature, B2B website specialists Comgem point out the top 3 ecommerce errors most likely to blame for a decline in sales. Commercial Director Dani Attard says: “Not knowing why sales have dropped off can be frustrating as well as extremely worrying. Go through the possible causes one by one and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. By evaluating the customer journey, you can often pinpoint where you are going wrong.”

Comgem advises B2B ecommerce platform owners to look at the following three potential causes first:

  1. B2B Website Design

    Is the design of your B2B website user-friendly? Can buyers easily find what they are looking for?

    Dani says: “Your website design should allow users to effortlessly negotiate your platform. Make sure your site is really easy to use. Let buyers have access to intelligent search features to make it quicker for them to find what they are looking for. The IntelliSearch available with our Gemsuite platform even corrects common spelling errors, so you never miss an opportunity to sell.”

  2. Website Loading Speed

    If your landing pages take too long to load, B2B buyers won’t wait. They will move on to a competitor’s platform.

    Dani says: “B2B website loading speeds are absolutely crucial. Around 40 per cent of buyers will go elsewhere if they are kept waiting too long. That figure can rise to over 50 per cent for mobile device users. Make sure your landing pages take less than 3 seconds to load.”

  3. Mobile Optimisation

    There is nothing worse for a buyer than a B2B website that isn’t optimised for mobile devices. At least 50 per cent of product searches are made using a mobile device and that figure is rising. B2B sales on mobile devices are increasing by almost 30 per cent year on year.

    Dani says:

    “Ensuring your website is optimised for mobile devices is paramount in the B2B sector. A huge number of business buyers are under 40 and they have grown up using mobile phones and tablets for absolutely everything. What’s more, they expect the very best user experience, regardless of the device they are using to visit a website.”

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