The Value of Customer Segmentation in B2B

Driving up B2B ecommerce sales is easy if you have got the right tech and the right marketing plan. Customer segmentation is growing in popularity because it helps the B2B business more effectively target different audiences. Although not every ecommerce platform supports segmentation, B2B businesses serious about growth should make sure they invest in a solution that does.

By sorting customers into groups, businesses can curate content and products that exactly match individual needs. With automated marketing, customer segmentation takes on an even greater significance. It is a potent form of merchandising because, with the right ecommerce solution, it lets you show different prices to different groups of customers. For example, customers who typically order in bulk can be shown a lower price. With minimum order thresholds, businesses can always be sure they stand to make a healthy profit.

Spin-off benefits of customer segmentation

Comgem is the UK’s leading developer of B2B customer segmentation technology. The feature is included in its award-winning platform, Gemsuite. Dani Attard, Commercial Director, explains: “Customer segmentation opens up new markets to businesses that have traditionally only sold products or services in the B2B sector. The ability to segment customers means it is now easy for B2B to branch out into B2C and cut out the middleman.

“Our technology will even let businesses show different groups of customers different catalogues in addition to different prices. This is significant, because it makes the ‘offer’ more appealing and much more relevant. For the first time, B2B businesses can widen their scope and literally sell to anyone, anywhere.”

Customer segmentation and Gemsuite

Gemsuite doesn’t just deliver customer segmentation, it can be integrated with suppliers, distributors and data providers. It offers dynamic pricing and a raft of technologies to support processes only found in the B2B sector. Businesses benefit from support that has a 100 per cent customer satisfaction rate. What’s more, the platform is user-friendly and helps brands stand out from the crowd in national and international marketplaces.

Comgem’s ability to build efficiency into its platform has made it the preferred ecommerce partner for brands in a wide range of sectors, including office supplies, IT and many others. Discover how you can easily use customer segmentation to grow sales and benefit from an ecommerce platform that automates processes and make your business more efficient.

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